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Calvin’s Marriage Equality Promise

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Mary’s Poppin resident DJ, Filip with an F calls on Calvin Harris to make good on a 5 year old promise.

by Kirsty

Australia’s biggest Spice Girls fan and In The Dark family DJ, Filip with an F reached out to Calvin Harris last night after the marriage equality bill was passed in the House of Representatives.

5 years ago the two met backstage at Stereosonic side show, we asked Filip to tell us about how it all came about!

In Aug of 2012 I suffered a really severe injury that almost ended my life. It was one of those typical “coward punch” situations where I was hit in the head 12 times by strangers and it inflicted a lot of damage. By December when the physical wounds had healed and I could get back out and about my best friend Dani convinced me to tag along with a lot of our deejay friends on the Stereosonic tour to a few locations (Adelaide, Sydney & Brisbane), I was up for the adventure and holiday – and it was a way to get me active again!

On the Sydney stop, Calvin Harris did a side show at Marquee. A crew of us came along and hung out in the “library” which was basically set up as a backstage bar / green room.

I honestly cant specifically remember what turned the conversation to the topic of wedding songs, but I chimed in and said mine would be Spice Girls “2 Become 1”. Everyone laughed and said that would be a total gay bridal waltz anthem. But Calvin was shocked when we told him that gay marriage wasnt a reality in Australia yet. I vividly remember his face when he said “No way, I totally thought it was?”, he was in genuine shock.

I then said to him when they finally legalise it he can remix 2 Become 1 then to celebrate. He 100% would have thought it was a laugh, and lets be honest, Im 1 in a million kind of conversations he’d probably have like this.But he shook my hand on the deal. And I have been waiting for this pot of gold at the end of this proverbial rainbow.

This isnt something Ive just brought up now either, many around me have heard me reiterate the story over the years, because I want my remix!

I just didn’t realise how crazy viral this would go overnight, it seems like the world wants it too!

They snapped a selfie, Calvin put his number in Filip’s phone and now we’re all waiting with baited breath for this remix!

You can catch Filip playing his favourite Spice Girls songs along with your favourite pop tunes at Mary’s Poppin every Friday and Saturday!

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