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Sasha Velour Helps Google Celebrate Marlene Dietrich’s Birthday

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She would have been 116 today.

by Kirsty

Original Post: Google

We’ve all seen Sasha’s tribute to Marlene during Snatch Game in Season 9, now check out her doodle on the google home page to celebrate Marlene’s 116th birthday

Dietrich’s Doodle was illustrated by artist Sasha Steinberg who captured her mid-performance, suited up in her gender-bending tux and top hat. Steinberg, who is also a drag performer under the name Sasha Velour and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 9), counts Dietrich as a major influence in creating their drag alter ego.

“She was a wild original!” says Velour. “Despite the pressures of the time, she followed her own course, especially in terms of politics and gender. As a drag queen, that’s particularly inspiring to me. Plus, she just had this power to her…in every role she’s mysterious and strong, brilliant. That’s what I aspire to be when I step on the stage.”

You can catch Sasha again when she returns to Australia for Dragfest 2018

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