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Parliamentary Proposal

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A GAY Liberal MP has asked his partner to marry him on the floor of Parliament as debate kicked off on the same-sex marriage bill.

by Kirsty

Tim Wilson asked his partner Ryan Bolger, who was sitting in the public gallery to marry him during his speech on the historic bill today. The response was an immediate Yes. It will be the first proposal to be recorded in Hansard, Australia’s official account of Parliament. Earlier, Mr Wilson choked back tears as he described the negative reactions of some friends when he initially asked his Ryan to marry him years ago.

Picture: Josie Hayden Source:News Corp Australia

“Many simply did not know how to react, many SMSs went unresponded, in conversation, some people politely changed the topic or fell silent entirely,” he said. “For a while Ryan kept pushing for an engagement party. The truth was, I kept delaying it, perhaps wrongly because the strong message I took from so many people’s silence was that no one would come. On informing one person, they responded ‘Why bother’.”

Picture: Kym Smith Source:News Corp Australia

Picture: AAP Source:AAP

Seventy-seven MPs are listed to speak on the bill this week, which will take up to 20 hours or at least two days to get through.
Labor has offered to extend sitting hours late into the night or cut speeches back to 10 minutes to speed-up the process.
Amendments will then be considered, which could take another two days, before a final vote is held.
Politicians have just four sitting days to finalise the bill, if it needs to be sent back to the Senate this year.

Source: news.com.au

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