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We’re Still Waiting Calvin!

In The Dark family DJ Filip with an F has had quite the weekend, we were barely able to tear him away from his phone to play his weekly sets at Mary’s Poppin! He’s been getting calls from all over the world about his shout out to Calvin Harris to keep his promise to remix his favourite Spice Girls track. We managed to get Filip’s attention for 5 minutes to ask him a few questions.

This whole thing has completely blown up! Did you expect this kind of reaction?

Not at all. I thought I’d post my text to Calvin on Facebook for a laugh. All of a sudden it blew up within minutes. My friend told me to tweet it as well… and now here we are over 6K retweets later!

We’ve been following along with all the news posts an interviews, what’s been the most surprising for you?

I should say that Im surprised that everyone else wants this too – but Im not at all. We all have a thirst for nostalgia – and the Spice Girls bring us all back such joyful memories. Thats what I pride my musical sets on as a deejay at Mary’s Poppin (my home residency with ITD), is that we provide hours of not just music, but a journey down memory lane, and a soundtrack to happier times.

And you got to speak with Emma Bunton?

Yes. Im still recovering from that. She said she loved me twice. Im done.

Now the important question, has Calvin replied?

Not yet. It’s the most asked question I’ve had in the past 3 days. I have no answer for this. He is either staying quiet hoping it all goes away, or he’s secretly up to something.

Why do you think he’s staying silent? Surely he’s heard about it by now?

By now, he has received over 28K notifications on twitter alone regarding the subject. Its been in TIME Magazine, hit the BBC, The Sun, Dalymail, E! News, MTV, Gay Times, and hundreds of more outlets. Even Perez Hilton is tweeting! He is well and truly aware of this issue. Now Baby Spice is rallying up behind it.

Im dreaming that he’s sorting out the technicalities and will drop it on us out of his silence!

What’s next for you? What are you gonna do with your 15 minutes of fame?

Well, if it happens, clearly a launch party for Calvin’s track at Mary’s Poppin – that only makes sense. Next step – I’m not sure, what does someone do with their 15 minutes of internet fame? I think In The Dark should give me a web-series – that would break the internet!

You can catch Filip playing every Friday and Saturday at Mary’s Poppin, our bar in Adelaide!

You can listen to Filip’s chat with Spice Girl, Emma Bunton below.

Mary’s Divas Return To The Adelaide Fringe

After sell out shows in the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, Mary’s Divas are returning in 2018 with a brand new show!

You’re invited to Adelaide’s night of nights, The Golden Umbrella awards. This will be an awards night, like no other. Forget The Oscars, forget the Grammys, 2018 is all about the Brollys.

Tickets are on sale now, grab yours before they sell out again, this is not to be missed!