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Sasha & Trinity Aftermovie Teaser

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The Reign of Sasha

Here’s a chance for you to get to know a little bit more about Sasha. She talks about her experience on Drag Race and how she’d never been in front of a camera before. Despite her appearing as though she had unwavering confidence, she talks about not believing in herself and what helped her to snatch the crown in the end.

The video follows her throughout the second day of NYC Dragcon and concludes at Sasha’s Nightgowns event where she reprised her performance of So Emotional from the finale. Sasha talks about the first Nightgowns event having an audience of 25, cut to the post-Dragcon show which sold out 600+ seats in under 30 minutes!

Sasha is so excited to come to Australia, you can catch her along side Trinity Taylor in November and December. Final tickets are on sale now: