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Aja Gets In Her Feelings

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I am a rapper who happens to do drag

by Kirsty

Earlier this week our girl Aja dropped her new music video Brujería. It’s Voodo, it’s beachy, it’s witchy, get in to it!

Paper Magazine spoke to Aja this week and asked her Tons of queens are releasing music, right now. What do you hope to contribute through your work?

The thing that I hope people takeaway from my music is that I am not just a drag queen. I am a rapper who happens to do drag. Even though the art form of drag is a celebrated medium, we continue to pigeonhole drag artists and, often, only allow them to be successful in the confines of drag. I will not be confined. My In My Feelings EP is my reminder to everyone of that fact. You can think what you want to of me, and you believe what you want. However, after you hear In My Feelings you cannot tell me that I am not talented and that I am not smart.

You can read their full interview here.

Aja’s newest music video, ‘Brujería‘ is out now on YouTube. Aja’s debut EP, In My Feelings, dropped today in Australia. You can grab your copy on iTune now!

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