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Alyssa Edwards Gives a House Tour—And Her Home Is NOT What We Imagined

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Is it ooky and kooky?

by Kirsty

Alyssa Edwards is RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty. She is one of the craziest and kookiest queens to sashay into the workroom over the years—so you think her house would match her outlandish drag persona.

Well, think again.

In a new video for Architectural Digest, Alyssa (aka Justin Johnson) takes fans on a tour of her house in Mesquite, Texas, and instead of a funhouse full of bright colors and floor-to-ceiling wigs, Alyssa’s house is tasteful and tame!

But don’t fret if you wanted to see some costumes and wigs because it turns out that all of Alyssa’s drag is tucked away inside one room in her house, and we get a peek inside that room too, which includes wigs, wigs galore.

This is the house, that the Haus Of Edwards built!

Check out her house tour in the video below and then head on over and grab your tickets to see Alyssa at Dragfest 2019!

Source: NewNowNext

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