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“Star Wars” Icon Billy Dee Williams Uses Male and Female Pronouns

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I also see myself as feminine as well as masculine.

by Kirsty

The force is strong with this one.

Billy Dee Williams, best known as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars franchise, opened up about his genderfluidity in a new interview with Esquire.

“And you see I say ‘himself’ and ‘herself,’ because I also see myself as feminine as well as masculine,” the 82-year-old actor explained. “I’m a very soft person. I’m not afraid to show that side of myself.”

Williams praised Donald Glover, who portrayed young Lando in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story and acknowledged that he is a pansexual character, which Solo screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan confirmed.

The Dynasty alum also discussed his Emmy-nominated role as Gale Sayers in Brian’s Song, a 1971 TV movie about football players who are best friends and roommates. “It was a love story, really,” Williams says. “Between two guys. Without sex. It ended up being a kind of breakthrough in terms of racial division.”

Williams, who first played Lando in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back and then again in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, reprises the role in in The Rise of Skywalker, which premieres in December.

source: NewNowNext

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