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Broad City Star Comes Out As Bisexual

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I go both ways

by Kirsty

The comedy creator came out while promoting 6 Balloons, her new Netflix film with Dave Franco. Speaking to Vanity Fair, she was asked about her own love life.

Jacobson said she is single, telling the outlet: “I kind of go both ways; I date men and women. They have to be funny, doing something they love.

“I don’t know—I’ve never really been interviewed about this before.”

Of potential suitors coming forward, she joked: “Yeah, who knows? The world is my oyster.”

Fans welcomed the actor’s news.

Her Comedy Central series Broad City previously attracted attention for censoring every mention of Donald Trump‘s name.

However, the gag may not stick around for the upcoming second season.

Jacobson said: “We had this whole discussion, and I think we are actually trying to avoid even mentioning him. It’s not even funny anymore.”

Speaking about the decision previously, the show’s co-creator Ilana Glazer said: “We just got to a point where… in real life, we’re talking about the current administration. We’re talking about Trump, and it sounds so gross, like, every day, saying it so many times.

“We just didn’t want to share airtime. He’s got enough.

Jacobson added: “We are censored in certain ways on the show, and it ends up being a big part of our job in the later part of production, in the edit, where it’s what can we show, what can we say, pixels, all these S&P (Standards and Practices) notes and things like that.

“And there are all these different levels of jokes, and I think it was actually something we came up with in the end of writing.”

Source: Pink News

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