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Behind-the-Scenes Drama Didn’t End “Will & Grace,” Says NBC Boss

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“It is coming to a great, natural end.”

by Kirsty

Will & Grace has already started rolling out its final episodes, and while fans may be sad to once again bid adieu to Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen, they can rest assured that the show isn’t ending on a sour note.

NBC announced that the rebooted sitcom would end after its third season (11th overall), which premiered back in October and recently returned from hiatus. Shortly after the news dropped, rumors began to swirl that tension between co-stars Debra Messing and Megan Mullally contributed to its untimely-ish demise.

A surprisingly in-depth… let’s call at an “investigation” from the Daily Mail revealed that Messing and Mullally had unfollowed each other on Instagram, and had been “frosty” to one another on set. However, creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick maintained that they had all had their fun and it was simply time to hang it up.

Now, NBC co-chairman Paul Telegedy has confirmed that the rumors of the feud, much like Grace’s rack in the classic Season 2 episode “Das Boob,” were greatly and falsely exaggerated.

“Some things come to a natural end,” Telegdy told TVLine. “Max and David told the story they wanted to tell. Just wait for the finale. It’s epic; it ties together so many threads. It is coming to a great, natural end.”

So there you have it. After eleven seasons, Will & Grace is exiting, well, gracefully.

Source: NewNowNext

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