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Coco Peru Returns to “Will & Grace”—and She’s PISSED

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This bothers her

by Kirsty

The last time the Will & Grace gang encountered the legendary queen Coco Peru, they stumbled into her drag brunch, and it ended with Karen and Will facing off in a lip sync for your life extravaganza.

We wish we could say Coco’s return in this week’s season finale is a little less dramatic—but drama tends to find Coco wherever she goes—and this time it’s at the airport

In an exclusive new clip from this week’s episode of the NBC sitcom, the big day has finally come for Jack and Estefan as the two prepare to fly to Spain for their romantic wedding. But when their flight is canceled they are stuck at the airport where they run into Miss Coco Peru—who is pissed at Jack for not inviting her to his wedding.

One piece of advice: Never make Coco Peru angry. We’ve all seen Trick.

In the scene Coco is on her way to officiate her sister’s wedding in Florida, but will she help Jack and Estefan tie the knot instead? Tune in today on Stan to find out. Until then grab some Tension Tamer tea and watch the exclusive new clip from the finale below.

You can catch Coco Peru in Australia when she joins her SHELARIOUS sisters for the 2019 Comedy Queens Tour!

Source: NewNowNext

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