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Detox Is Going Under the Knife on E!’s “Botched”

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D to the E to the T to the O to the—hold the silicone!

by Kirsty

RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty, Detox (whose real name is Matthew Sanderson), is the latest patient to go under the knife on E!’s plastic surgery reality series, Botched—and in a new clip she is getting real about her plastic surgery past.

“My entire life I was a string bean, I was very skinny and I realized that I could have a beautiful body by injection,” Detox says in a new clip from the episode. “Fill me up!”

We all know that the All Stars 2 queen has had “a little plastic surgery done here and there,” but it turns out that she has had “gallons” of silicone injected into her body, listing all of the parts of her body—face, shoulders, biceps, etc—that have gotten a little sprucing up—but it’s the six pack that Detox is unhappy with.

“The one thing that I regret the most doing is my six pack. They’re not perfectly parallel, they look very uneven,” she says, admitting that she has to wear a corset or something else to cover up her stomach.

“Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow, please take these abs out, and make me the best little drag queen in the world,” Detox pleads. Does she get her wish? Check out the latest episode of botched to find out.

You can check out the results when Detox joins her spooky sisters down under for The Sickening Ball 2018.

Source: NewNowNext

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