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Who Is the Mysterious Drag Queen Holding Court at Trump’s Impeachment Hearings?

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And no, it’s not Rudy Giuliani

by Kirsty

Impeachment hearings can be such a drag—um, literally.

This Wednesday, November 13, marks the first day of the highly anticipated televised impeachment hearings for Trump on Capitol Hill. It seems like everyone in Washington, D.C., is there to watch the drama surrounding the anti-LGBTQ POTUS unfold in real-time, including New Jersey drag queen Pissi Myles.

NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla tweeted out a pic of a fabulous drag queen showing up for the House Intelligence Committee’s hearing on the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, captioning the photo that nothing in D.C. surprises her anymore.

Twitter had a field day with the pic, with many joking that the person was actually Rudy Giuliani donning drag again:

“It’s a crazy day in Washington! I’m flipping my wig over the high energy proceedings today,” Pissi told NBC News. “Tensions are high, and the bar for who’s allowed in The Longworth House is very, very low.”

Pissi will be broadcasting live on Twitter for Happs, the first open-source live news network, but let’s hope she gets some TV screen time during the hearings. And let’s be honest, a drag queen will be one of the least ridiculous things that we will see on Capitol Hill this week.

Source: NewNowNext

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