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Drag Queens Unite in London to Protest Trump’s UK Visit

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The U.S. president is not their cup of tea

by Kirsty

Making their first official visit to the U.K., President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have been welcomed with significant derision and mass protests, including a giant balloon depicting Trump as an orange baby.

A highlight of the couple’s four-day visit to Britain has been tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, but she wasn’t the only royalty ready to receive them.

An angry throng of drag queens and kings joined the tens of thousands of protesters Friday in London for an LGBTQ march and rally, Newsweek reports, just a week after London Pride.

Serving a lot of anarchist punk looks, the drag demonstrators specifically protested the Trump administration’s troubling record of opposing LGBTQ rights, including its ban on transgender people serving in the military.

“I feel like Trump paints people of color like me and muslims and queer people, as really weak and as vulnerable—just parasites on the nation,” says Iraqi-British drag star Amrou Al-Kadhi of drag supergroup Denim. “But what I think today is gonna show is how strong we are.”

“The signature of the drag protest is the fact that we’re showing that we’re not weak, we’re not going to be silenced by that level of fascism,” Al-Kadhi continues. “At a time of such fearmongering, drag queens provide hope, at a time of such nightmarish politics we provide humor, and at a time of people feeling really, really scared I think drag just provides strength.”

See more photos from the drag protest below.

Source: NewNowNext

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