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The God Warrior Was Living Her Best Life at WorldPride NYC

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The God Warrior is an ally, CONFIRMED.

by Kirsty

There were plenty of celebrities at this year’s WorldPride celebration in New York, but little did the gays know that they were in the presence of a true star: Meme queen, the God Warrior.

The God Warrior, aka Marguerite Perrin, became famous for her meltdown on a 2005 episode of Trading Spouses, and in the years since she has turned into an internet icon.

We didn’t really know what Perrin has been up to in recent years, but then she was spotted this past weekend at WorldPride in New York. Whether she was in town for the festivities or not, she is now an LGBTQ ally, and she even stopped to take photos with some of her fans.

She reportedly even messaged one of the DJs/organizers of the popular dance party Occupy the Disco, asking where the party was. Sadly, she couldn’t make it since she was flying out on Sunday, June 30, but said she “adores anything disco.”

Truly an ally. Starting the petition for God Warrior to be the grand marshal at NYC Pride 2020!

Source: NewNowNext

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