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Non-Binary Singer Grayson Gets Confrontational in New Single, “Cherry Pits”

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“‘Cherry Pits’ is a firm voice giving me permission to no longer stay in a damaging cycle.”

by Kirsty

Grayson is a non-binary American singer-songwriter who grew up in the Mormon Church, and they are standing up for themselves in their new single, “Cherry Pits.”

The L.A.-based singer has been named a “one to watch” by Seattle Gay Scene and Billboard Pride, and already made waves with their previous song, “Brother.”

“It is important to let other people help you and be a part of the process of growth, but at the end of the day, you are alone with yourself and your thoughts. ’Cherry Pits’ is about the need to take ownership of my self,” Grayson tells NewNowNext. “This desire brought up many questions: what are my needs? What are our needs? People often say, ’You can’t have everything.’ You definitely can’t have it by stepping on someone else in order to get there. It warps the success of whatever that thing may be. Misery loves company, as the cliche goes.

“Confrontation has never been my strong suit, but ’Cherry Pits’ is a firm voice giving me permission to no longer stay in a damaging cycle,” the singer-songwriter adds. “Toxic behaviors often repeat, but when you can finally turn the corner of letting go, the energy around you feels super-charged.”

Be on the lookout for Grayson’s upcoming EP, and until then, check out the exclusive new lyric video for “Cherry Pits” below:

Source: NewNowNext

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