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Lil Nas X Says He Looked “Bored” at a Strip Club with Lizzo Because…

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Now, what could possibly be the reason?

by Kirsty

Lil Nas X and Lizzo had every reason to celebrate after walking away with their first Grammys on Sunday night, and being cool kids who just want to have funs, they took a page from Lizzo’s big screen debut and partied Hustlers-style.

Sadly, that didn’t mean robbing a bunch of Wall Street bros while clad in fur, but it did mean Lizzo throwing a Grammys after party at Crazy Girls Strip Club in West Hollywood. Guests included Lil Nas X, Ezra Miller, Rosalia, and Winnie Harlow.

Lizzo shared some moments from the burlesque bash on her Instagram stories, where a clip of Lil Nas X gingerly tossing out dollar bills from a large stack of ones perturbed some Twitter users.

Been there, sis.

Meanwhile, how far we’ve come as a society when a blurry image of Sponegbob’s limp wrist is all you need to convey what it used to take coyly smug magazine covers and the occasional television special to announce. And that’s what we call progress.

Even though a strip club can be fun for the whole family, even the gay ones, if Lizzo and Lil Nas X were in WeHo, they could’ve just gone to literally any gay bar for some quality go-go boy action. And if they did, we’d love to see that clip if only for the stark contrast of Lil Nas X’s reactions to both.

Source: NewNowNext

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