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Ryan Murphy Teases How Madonna Will Impact “Pose” Season 2

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“Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it…”

by Kirsty

The House of Evangelista is about to vogue the house down.

At a recent TCA panel in L.A., Pose co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the series will jump ahead one year after the first season finale—with the second season ending in March 1990.

As Vulture points out, March 1990—March 27, to be exact—was when Madonna released her dance floor classic, “Vogue,” onto the world. It’s safe to assume Pose will incorporate vogueing and how the song made ball culture more mainstream—but will the queen of pop make an appearance herself?

“I have a good relationship with Madonna thus far,” Murphy said during the panel, explaining that Pose has refrained from stunt casting celebrities to “focus on emerging talents, particularly those from the trans community.” But, he added, “I always love to talk to Madonna.”

Murphy loves Madonna and paid tribute to her with an entire episode of Glee featuring her music, so we would not be surprised to see the House of Evangelista vogue up a storm to one of Madonna most legendary in the upcoming season.

In addition to the ball scene becoming more mainstream in 1990, Pose co-creator Steven Canals also hopes that the time jump will allow the series to “dig deeper into AIDS activism,” mentioning how the new season will “very much involve” Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) and Pray Tell (Billy Porter) living with HIV.

Source: NewNowNext

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