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Watch Monét X Change Get Read—Not for Filth—by the Long Island Medium

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The library is open?

by Kirsty

Drag queens are used to getting read—for filth—by other queens, but Monét X Change was in for another type of reading when she sat down with Theresa Caputo.

Theresa, otherwise known as the Long Island Medium, talks to dead people for a living. The 14th season of her popular TLC series premieres this week, and to celebrate she swung by Monét’s Build talk show, The X Change Rate, to talk about her series, her love life, and, of course, the audience’s dearly departed loved ones.

In the middle of her reading, Theresa asked about a father figure who had recently departed. When no one in the crowd related, Monét raised her hand, revealing she recently had someone pass who met the description.

Theresa then proceeds to ask the Drag Race All Stars winner about her childhood and the grandmother who raised her, turning Monét from a skeptic into a believer. “You are incredible,” she tells Theresa.

“I think anyone can understand, if we feel ’different’—whoever decided what normal is? Because for me, talking to the dead is normal,” Theresa tells the audience. “So we really have to embrace who God intended us to be.”

Preach! Watch the incredible segment in the video below.

Source: NewNowNext

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