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7 Reasons Why The Brits Did Drag Race Best


This first season of Drag Race UK has been one of the best seasons we’ve seen so far! Here’s why.

#1 The Frock Destroyers

Let’s get the obvious one out the way. This was THE moment and THE song. In typical British fashion the queens took something naughty (Cock Destroyers), and with tongue in cheek turned it into pop culture brilliance. If only Ru had the foresight to add his vocals into the chorus – and make this the seasons song release. Because let’s be honest – it trumps 2019’s so far releases “Super Queen” and “Queens Everywhere”.

#2 Snatch Game

The thing about Snatch Game in every season is that we build up to it with such excitement, and then feel strangely empty and unsatisfied when it finally happens, and only very few queens shine. But not in the U.K. – it was the strongest ensemble of Snatch Game possibly ever. This time, we were happy with the double win!

#3 Lip Syncs

Without doubt this season’s “Lip Sync For Your Life” has proven that Brits do Pop Music best. And the joyous part of it each week? As much as the Queens competed against each other, they worked alongside each other – and the safe queens would join in the chorus line and sing and dance too – Spice Up Your Life was a highlight! 

#4 Exit Lines

From Scaredy Kat’s “It wasn’t a bad first gig” to Blu Hydrangea’s “Well ladies don’t be feeling Blu, just follow her on Instagram!” The Queens left us laughingAnd that heartwarming moment Geri Halliwell personally farewelled Sum Ting Wong with a hug and dream come true.

#5 Ru’s Looks

She had us gagging every time. We couldn’t fault one runway look this season, Ru wasn’t just snatched, she was shining with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent, and an overall jovial nature which we couldn’t get enough of this season!

#6 Pop Star Judges

They brought in the heavy hitters for this season. Girl Group icon Geri Horner (Ginger Spice), to Girl Group greatness Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud), Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix) and even the legendary Twiggy. It left Cheryl Hole’s head in a spin each week coz you know – she grew up inspired by girl groups – if you hadn’t heard (we know you heard).

#7 The Library Is Open

We love that there was no attempt to censor or clean up the British slang, and when Ru opened that Library – all sorts flew out of those queens mouths! The reads were REAL – could you imagine any USA season queen opening with “Oh Cheryl you dumb raggity-ass bitch”, we think not.

But the companionship was stronger than any words and the laughter always remained. A reminder that Reading is Fundamental, but not hurtful.

God Save The Queens – because they’re coming down under! Three of U.K. Drag Race’s top Queens are touring Australia with ITD Events in April 2020. Find out more and secure your tickets here: https://itdevents.com/tours/uktour/


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