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Financial Times With Karen

by Kirsty

We dropped in on the finance department last week to conduct Karen’s annual performance appraisal and to see how preparations are coming for her one woman show premiering in September! 

Thank you for your efforts this year Karen, your work in the finance department has helped drive continued success of the enterprise. Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s move on to discussing Out Of Office.

Can you tell me about the process of creating the show?
Creating this show has been a dream come true. It has taken a village, and I have had so much fun working with some really amazing close friends and family to make it become a reality. The task of creating the show has remained in my close-nit friendship circle, and nothing has been outsourced further than that. Everything that you hear, see or feel in Out Of Office has come from us and we are so proud of it. We treated the creation of this show similar to that of a theatrical play. We’ve worked through about 6 re-iterations of the script, have completed work shops and group read throughs, and polished many a bottle of wine discussing the outcomes.

How long have you been working on it?
Out Of Office has been in the pipeline for a bout a year. I’ve wanted to do this show for a lot longer than that, but it was about 12 months ago that things seemed to start lining up and feeling right. I’ve got an amazing team working on it with me , and they’ve all been around since the early beginnings of ‘Karen From Finance’ so it’s only right that we’ve spent the last 12 months creating Out Of Office together.

You’ve had a super busy year, how did you fit in creating the show?
A fierce independent modern day business woman like myself needs to be really good at emails. I don’t just mean good – I mean GREAT! I’ve had a wonderful year touring the UK, the US, and of course Australia, so there have been many corporate Skype chats and conference dial-ins that have kept Out Of Office afloat. Even while I’ve been away, the O-o-O cogs needed to stay well oiled and continue to chug along, so we’ve kept the machine running just like you would in a regular finance office!

What should we expect when we come to see the show?
My favourite part about Out Of Office is the fact that it is 100% narrative driven. There is a full story told in Out Of Office and I never deviate from it. It’s cabaret, but it’s also theatre. It’s hilarious but emotional, it’s dark but extremely light hearted, all at the same time. Karen’s going on a full life changing journey in Out Of Office and everyone is invited along on the ride!

What financial advice do you have for us for 2020?
The world is fucked. Spend everything and save nothing.

Tickets for Karen’s first one woman show, Out Of Office are flying out the door with both Melbourne shows and the early Sydney show sold out! Don’t miss out on tickets, grab yours here!


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