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The Other Six Queens Sashay Into the Workroom in New “Drag Race” Clip

by Kirsty

Last week’s season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race was one for the herstory books. Not only did you get to meet some of the girls who will be competing for the crown, but fans also got to see Nicki Minaj bring it to the judges’ panel, and slay it as Season 12’s first special guest judge.

But the premiere was so epic, that it is being split into two parts, with the other half of the queens sashaying into the workroom on this week’s episode.

The first 12 minutes from episode two has been released, and in the new clip you will get to meet the other six girls hoping to be America’s next drag superstar: Aiden Zane, Dahlia Sin, Jaida Essence Hall, Jan, Rock M. Sakura, and Sherry Pie.

The queens know something is afoot when they clock that half of the work stations are already filled with fashion, which means that some dolls are already in the building.

Check out the girls’ workroom entrances, and fear not if you were worried about a post-Nicki depression: This week’s special guest judges are Thandie Newton and Robyn! So call your squirrel friend and watch the new clip below.

Source: NewNowNext


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