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RuPaul Takes Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Behind the Scenes of “SNL”

by Kirsty

It’s been over a week since RuPaul sashayed across the Saturday Night Live stage, and we are still not over the fierce and funny turn from the Drag Race host.

And it appears we’re not the only ones.

On Monday, February 17, Ru swung by Live With Kelly and Ryan to dish about hosting SNL, and Kelly Ripa—who hosted SNL back in 2003—and him share stories about what it’s like being caught up in the chaotic live taping of the show—particularly what happens between sketches.

“I stand there in my underwear, and they put on all of the clothes, the wigs, everything,” Ru reveals. “And then I just go out. The changes are that fast.”

Then Ryan Seacrest asked Ru if there was a specific sketch he got nervous before, but the queen of drag says he doesn’t get nervous anymore because he’s “dead inside.” Plus, he adds how they have rehearsed everything so many times by the time it’s the live show there’s no reason to be nervous.

But, speaking of sketches, Ru does mention how one of his favorite skits, “Coal Miner’s Face-Off,” was actually cut “at the last minute.”

“I initially read 40 sketches at the table [read], and they narrowed that down to nine or eight,” Ru tells Kelly and Ryan.

Who on the SNL writing staff do we talk to about reading these other 30 Mama Ru-centric sketches that were tossed out? Watch his Live With Kelly and Ryan interview below.

Source: NewNowNext


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