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What the Season 12 Girls Would Be Doing if “Drag Race” Never Existed

by Kirsty

Life is hard enough as it is, but could you imagine if we were forced to live in a world where—*gasp*—RuPaul’s Drag Race never existed?

That was the question NewNowNext posed to the queens from Drag Race Season 12 when they sat down to discuss all things drag before this season’s sickening premiere. Scroll through below to see where the girls think they would be in a 2020 without Drag Race.

Aiden Zane

I guess I would audition for The Real World. I always wanted to be on The Real World.


I’d be performing for bears in caves in the middle of the woods. That’s what I would be doing. Drag changed my life and made me who I am today. I wouldn’t be the person I am without it, I went to school for musical theater—I’d be an actor on Broadway, I was doing that shit before.

Crystal Methyd

That’s so scary, because I started doing drag because of Drag Race. So I would hope that I would still be doing it, because it literally has made my life so much better. So that’s just scary to think about.

Dahlia Sin

Well, I was a makeup artist beforehand—like, freelance. So I’d probably still be doing drag and freelance makeup. I don’t know, probably that. I’ve been doing drag for almost seven years now. So I don’t really have like another backup. It was this or, bitch…!

Gigi Goode

I would still be in college right now. I dropped out a few years ago and moved to L.A., and then auditioned and got on the show.

Heidi N. Closet

I don’t want to be there [in a world without Drag Race]. I would probably be a veterinarian.

Jackie Cox

I think I’d be doing drag. It maybe would’ve taken longer, because I wanted to be an actor first. But then I kept getting cast in these kinds of drag roles. The first big drag thing I ever did was Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which is I think more complicated than just a drag role, but that was kind of my first taste of drag.

Jaida Essence Hall

I think, if you’ve seen Death Becomes Her, I would be at home on my couch in jogging pants with 15 cats, watching people be successful and being very bitter.


I’d probably be still pursuing musical theater. That’s what I got a degree in, in college. And I was pursuing that up until, and kind of during my start in drag. I stopped going on auditions once drag became a little more lucrative, and I ended up putting in the effort that I was putting into musical theater into drag. Then it just paid off in so many different ways. And it fulfilled me much more than musical theater did, but I think that’s definitely what I would be doing if I wasn’t here right now.

Nicky Doll

I’d be a Pokémon trainer.

Rock M. Sakura

I would 100% be the world record holder of hot dog eating. That’s definitely where I’d be right now. Or maybe, like, the world’s ugliest woman. Probably somewhere around there.

Sherry Pie

I would be doing drag here in New York City!

Widow Von Du

For 13 years, [my] goal was always to get on. Like, I started [doing drag] in 2007, this show started in 2009, and just watch, get gear, and you know, you’re up to here. It was pushing me to be greater and better to be on the show. That’s basically what I’ve dedicated the last 13 years to—getting on this show. So I don’t know, quite honestly!

Source: NewNowNext


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