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Watch Trixie Mattel Perform Some “Barbara” Bops Inside Her “Pink Box”

by Kirsty

Trixie Mattel has traded in her cowboy boots for a tankini and shades on her newest album, Barbara. We’re sure you’ve had it on repeat while catching some rays, but get ready to hear two tracks in a new way as the Skinny Legend invites you inside her Pink Box for a stripped-down acoustic set.

In a new original video from Logo, the All Stars Season 3 winner performs “Jesse, Jesse” and “Malibu,” and also reveals the inspiration behind the sunny singles.

The first half of Barbara (the formal name of America’s most famous doll) keeps the ’60s electro-pop feel from Trixie’s single “Yellow Cloud,” while the second half features “country-tinged” songs reminiscent of signature tracks from her iTunes chart-topping release Two Birds/One Stone.

Trixie wrote six of the eight songs on the concept album; one of the other tracks, “Stranger,” was written by Patrick Haggerty and Robert Hammerstrom of Lavender Country fame.

“A decade of being Trixie has me looking back at my initial sketches of her with freshly painted-on eyes. She’s still the plastic paragon I’ve always imagined; a Malibu-mod fashion doll with a darkened wit—but now there’s more,” Trixie said in a statement.

“While Hollywood has afforded me a life of astroturf and pink hi-balls, I’ve also been wisened by deep love and suspicious tan lines. I created Trixie Mattel with a ’Side A/Side B’ to the character, so this record’s two-part feel is as natural to me as teasing my hair.”

You’ll have 2 opportunities to catch Trixie down under this year. Firstly, in June, when she brings her favourite Russian hooker, Katya for UNHhhh Live and then again in August when she comes back out for the inaugural Drag Expo!

Source: NewNowNext


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