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Sasha Velour’s One Dollar Drags

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Sasha released the first in her series of short films, Pirate Jenny.

by Kirsty

While ya’ll were excited about the overnight releases of Christina and Celine’s new songs and music videos, we were patiently waiting for Sasha to drop the first of her series of short films. This first film, titled Pirate Jenny draws inspiration from The Threepenny Opera and features some familiar faces from Brooklyn and New York nightlife. Speaking to Paper Magazine, Sasha talked about creating the film with her queer family, “I wanted to come from a place of banding together, that’s where we are the most powerful. And drag can be glittery and expensive, but my point with One Dollar Drags is to show that though we’re portraying fantasy, drag is accessible to anyone who wants or needs it.”

Sasha will be returning to Australia very soon for Dragfest 2018 and then again in January 2019 when she brings her one woman show, Sasha Live & In Colour to 6 Australian Cities and Auckland!

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