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Tina Turner: A Life in Wigs

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Happy birthday to the Queen of Rock! Let’s roll down the river with a look back at some of her finest fronts

by Kirsty

Tina Goddamn Turner. Icon. Bad bitch. Octogenarian. The rock-and-roll pioneer turns 80 today, and what better way to honor her amazing life than lining her pockets with Swiss francs by going to see her Broadway show? Or if you can’t make it, how about just celebrating some of her greatest wigs? That’s a close second, right?

Turner’s wigs are truly one of her most distinctive features. Legend has it she burned her scalp while dyeing her hair and took not only to wearing wigs, but to making her own. Crafty!

So, happy 80th birthday to our favorite private dancer and the lively locks that helped launch her into superstardom. Below, we’ve rounded up simply the best.

The “A Bouffant in Love”

The “Big Wave Keeps on Flippin’”

The “Wig, I Could Turn Back Time”

The “River Deep, Mount It High”

The “Who Needs a Heart When You’ve Got a Shake-n-Go?”

The “We Don’t Need Another Lace-Front”

The “Angela Bassett Was Robbed”

The “Divas Live and Layered”

The “Glue, Don’t Fail Me Now”

The “Who Run the World? T!”

The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Loose Curls”

Source: NewNowNext

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