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Drag Markets

May, 2021

Drag Markets.
15/16th May 2021
Fitzroy Town Hall, Melbourne

O-o-h child!

It’s been a looong time. A long time since we got out there, painted face and made plans to get Out-and-About. But with summer here and long, hazy days ahead, that can only mean one thing – more time to catch up with all your mates!

If last year has taught us anything, it’s that getting out and about is fun-da-mental, honey. And if you’re going to take your life into your hands when heading down to the supermarket, make an impression. So we’re here to help, with our brand new DRAG MARKETS, launching on 15th May at Fitzroy Town Hall!

Produced by Drag Expo and ITD Events, this first-ever gathering of more than 40+ makers from across Melbourne is a drag, beauty, costume, kitsch and pop lovers flooded basement, gurls. Speaking of: think you’ve got something to sell? Let us know (but not if what you make is from an actual flooded basement). Ahem.

Over two days, you’ll find one-of-a-kind and rare RPDR merchandise, caps, bags, tank tops, cosmetics and more with covetable brands like Trixie Cosmetics, Kim Chi Beauty, Miss Fame and more oh no she betta don’t! Everything you need this summer to set your wardrobe or collector vault on fire. Plus – you won’t need to pay for shipping! Just order an Uber after. Or maybe a Cabify, however you roll.

And because we’re thrilled to be back, we’ll spice up each day with, selfie opps, drag queens and more, because it’s not a market without just a little glitter. And remember, we’re Covid-safe, so we’re following all up to date safety protocols. Wear a mask. You know how it works: we promise, it’ll be worth it. It’s our first-ever, maybe ever, Drag Market baby, and you’re the winner.

Fitzroy Town Hall - 10am


Fitzroy Town Hall - 10am



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