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Watch Trinity the Tuck Emerge From an Alien Cocoon and Transform Into a Club Queen

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Don’t act surprised.

by Kirsty

Trinity the Tuck is currently one of the front runners to be added to the Drag Race Hall of Fame on All Stars Season 4—but before she sashayed into the workroom did you know that she was born from an alien cocoon?

Well, according to her new music video, “The Face, The Body” that’s where she came from.

The clip starts off with Trinity clawing her way out of an alien cocoon, washing the intergalactic ooze off of her, and heading straight to a all-male cuddle puddle. As you do.

From there she gets all dolled up for a night out, and brings her posse to the glamorous Gold Room club in New York.

This video just further confirms the theory that we have always had: That Trinity the Tuck is from another planet. Check out her new music video below.

You can catch Trinity in Australia and New Zealand this year when she joins her sisters on Dragfest 2019!

Source: NewNowNext

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