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Trixie Mattel Live From Dragcon

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Oh Honey!

by Kirsty

This weekend, In The Dark will be bringing you all the goods from RuPaul’s Drag Con in Los Angeles. On Friday, Trixie Mattel will be playing a special live set for at the VIP preview and you’ll be able to see it live on Facebook with us! So make sure you’re following us and you’ve turned on notifications for when we go live because you wont want to miss this!

Popsugar sat down with Trixie to talk about her All Stars 3 win and also her live set at Drag Con.

POPSUGAR: Let’s start with DragCon. For the people who are more recent drag fans, or drag newbies, or people who have just never been before, what can they expect going into the weekend?

Trixie Mattel: It’s the Mall of America of cross-dressing. It’s everything. You could walk in there, naked and afraid. That’s what I do. And you could leave there in literally a corset, a wig, a bra, nails, jewelry, makeup. Full face of makeup. You could leave there in drag.

PS: And you’re kicking things off on Friday with a performance, right?

TM: In true Trixie Mattel style, I’m flying in that morning, immediately getting in drag, and then going to give a private special acoustic performance. And my acoustic sets are unique in that I play covers and some of my own music, but I also build stand-up into the sets. So it’s chunks of stand-up, song, chunks of stand-up, song. And because it’s DragCon . . . I’m going to take some of my favorite drag queens’ club hits, like Alaska’s “This Is My Hair,” and “Purse First,” and I’m going to do them in a Dave Matthews way.

PS: Oh, I love that.

TM: To show what’s possible when you want to really squeeze the life and fun out of a song. Let me do it.

They also asked her to share a story from when she first started drag and it’s a doosie!

PS: Can you share a fun story from your early drag days?

TM: Oh, this is a great story. I went to a club at 21. It was my birthday and I went. I’d been doing drag since I was 18 and I was like, “I’m going to f*ck it and shake. I’m going to show them everything. They’re going to live.” So I go to the club on my birthday. BeBe Zahara Benet is performing in Milwaukee, WI. I go to see BeBe Zahara Benet, in drag by myself, at a club where I don’t know anyone. And then afterward I go to the meet and greet, and I shake her hand, and she says, “Keep doing drag. It’ll take you anywhere.”

PS: Oh my god.

TM: And then I beat her ass. She should have told me to stop.

Read the full interview here.

You can catch Trixie in just a few weeks when she comes to Australia for her Accessories Sold Separately tour. All dates except Melbourne’s June 5th show are sold out, so make sure you snatch those tickets soon henny! If you’ve missed out on those tickets, she’ll be back in August with her shelarious sisters as part of the Comedy Queens tour.


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