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Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts

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“Trixie’s like my crash test dummy”

by Kirsty

Braving the wet Sydney weather on Sunday, Film Festival goers were treated to the second of two screenings of Trixie Mattel’s film Moving Parts. The movie follows Trixie over the space of about a year leading up to and directly after her All Stars 3 win.

Early on, we’re taken behind the scenes of The Trixie & Katya show, but what we see is not necessarily a fun peek behind the curtain. The reality of Katya’s relapsed addiction shows itself in manic behaviour and lashing out at the people who love her. While she doesn’t appear in the film for very long, the effect of her departure from the series is felt throughout the film. The entire cinema was silent as Trixie struggled with wanting to help her friend, but not knowing how.

The film takes another dark turn later on when Trixie is talking about her family and what she endured growing up, being emotionally and physically abused by her step father. She tells the camera she doesn’t remember the first time, but she absolutely remembers the last time it happened before being taken out of her home. It’s not all bad news though, Trixie goes on to say that every year of her life has been better than the last and not just because of the money and fame. She says, “The more you get to fabricate your life and how you live, the more happy you are.”

The film peels back the layers applied by the Drag Race Machine and gives you a glimpse at the person behind the wigs and what it’s like to essentially be a “one-man-band” on the road. We see on the big screen Trixie’s reaction to winning All Stars 3, before she goes straight back on the road. Back to rifling through a suitcase of dirty costumes packed many weeks prior to find the “least offensive thing to wear”.

We all know how things ended up for Trixie, UNHhhh has returned to our internet screens, she’s launched a makeup line and she continues to release her special brand of music and tour the world. The film gives you a special appreciation of the pressures put on these queens and how it affects them day to day all while making you scream laugh.

We give it 5/5 Skinny Legends!

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