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First Look: The New “Drag Race U.K.” Werk Room Is Fit for a Queen (or 10)

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Serving regal eleganza!

by Kirsty

Keep that English tea piping hot because the RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. premiere is right around the corner—and now we have our first video showing off the regal werk room from across the pond.

“People of the United Kingdom, your queen has arrived,” Mama Ru says in the new video tour. “So God save the queens because they’re gonna need all the help they can get!”

The work room is empty for now, but we cannot wait to see what kind of entrance looks these English queens will deliver once they arrive.

“I am beyond excited to celebrate the massive charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent of the Queen’s queens,” RuPaul said in a statement about the new international version. “And before anyone asks, yes, we would be thrilled to have Meghan Markle join us, as we are already preparing a ’Royal-Mother-to-Be’ runway challenge.”

According to BBC One, RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. will premiere in October on BBC Three. Sadly there’s no update on if/when the star-studded U.K. version will air stateside, but we have faith that Mama Ru will make sure American fans get their cuppa English tea, too.

Who do you think will be sashaying into the royal werk room?

Source: NewNowNext

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