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UNHhhh Celebrates 100 Episodes!

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“It has like, the same cultural impact as antibiotics”

by Kirsty

To celebrate 100 episodes, Access stepped back stage with Trixie and Katya to spill the tea on what it’s like filming the show together.

Following some questionable math and a stolen identity, Trixie and Katya describe their show as both lasagne and antibiotics, which we completely agree with. A delicious layered pasta dish that cures your many health problems. They lost us at chilli with noodles though.

In reality, filming the show is their chance to catch up as friends, in a basement with good lighting and as the viewer, we’re just the quiet third wheel sitting across the room, sipping on a lemonade and snort laughing almost constantly. The pair compare themselves to the Williams sisters playing a game of doubles when asked about guests. Adding someone else’s different energy to the mix can be hit or miss, but the door is open if Drew Barrymore comes knocking.

If its good enough for Dan Levy to watch between takes of Schitt’s Creek, it’s good enough for us! Here’s to the next 100 episodes, may they be filled with inaudible laughs, ridiculous stories and gif-able moments.

Watch the full interview below.

Watch the episode below.

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